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As an experienced military helicopter pilot, you’re in an incredible position. Not only have you already completed many of the certification requirements for piloting fixed wing aircraft, but you’re seen as an extremely valuable candidate to AeroGuard’s commercial airline partner, SkyWest. Your unique combination of experience, discipline, and commitment will allow you to complete flight training in four months or less (depending on experience) and at a fraction of the cost of less experienced candidates. Together, AeroGuard and SkyWest Airlines offer up to $27,500 in bonuses and tuition reimbursement for rotor transition pilots.

Best of all, military rotor pilots who are hired by SkyWest through our rotor transition program will advance from first officer to captain very quickly. With military background, these pilots upgrade to Captain in as little as three months as soon as they have FAR 121-436 requirements.

Enrollment for AeroGuard operations in both Phoenix and Southern California is now open for the new term starting in April. For more information, call 1-623-337-1293 or complete the form below.

Rotor to Fixed Wing


  1. Enroll in AeroGuard Training Program
    • Acquire 1st class medical certificate
    • Finalize the financing solution
    • Establish start date
  2. Start training – The following training times are based on zero hours of fixed-wing time; training will be customized for any prior fixed-wing experience.
    • Complete private pilot training in around 20 hours
    • Complete Instrument training in around 15 hours
    • Complete the CPLME course in about 30 hours
    • Conduct dual crew operations until meeting the necessary 250 hours of PIC time in airplanes
  3. Interview with SkyWest – 6 weeks prior to completion
    • Determine eligibility timeline
    • Receive ground school date at SkyWest
  4. Begin Training at SkyWest
    • Complete ATP-CTP training
    • Complete aircraft specific training
    • Complete initial operating experience (IOE), receive $7,500 bonus
  5. Fly as a commercial airline pilot based at one of SkyWest Airlines’ 18 domiciles

Get to Know the Program’s


  1. This course should take approximately 12-16 weeks at AeroGuard
  2. Training will take approximately 8-12 weeks with SkyWest
  3. Dual crew operations will be scheduled for 8-hour blocks in shifts around the clock



  1. Financing options are available to qualified candidates.
  2. SkyWest provides $7,500 bonus upon completion of IOE; $20,000 tuition reimbursement over a 2-year period.

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