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Become elite with Aeroguard

Become Elite

With Aeroguard

The AeroGuard Elite Program combines the safest aircraft, high-quality instructors, an optimized curriculum and an ideal location. It's a fully integrated training model and your best possible learning experience.

With AeroGuard, you are on the path to employment as a professional pilot. Through our alliance with SkyWest Airlines, your airline career can begin just 24 months from starting the program.

About AeroGuard
Become elite with Aeroguard

You Will Graduate as a


Once you graduate, you'll first be employed as an AeroGuard Certified Flight Instructor and then as a First Officer of a regional jet with our partner, SkyWest Airlines.

If your goal is to become a professional jet pilot, you simply can't do better than AeroGuard.

Our Curriculum


Selecting the right pilot program is a big decision. Let us show you everything AeroGuard has to offer and answer all your questions. Simply fill out the short form below.

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